Tomorrow january 19th we have a gig at 'satin' and 'mitt andra hem' February 3th. We hope to see you around!!!

You can now (and please do) vote for us on NA.se, you can also read their review of our latest demo. Also don't forget to met us at 'Mitt Andra Hem' this friday, where you might hear some new tunes.

New photo, two brand new song 'Pioneer, I Will Never Know' and a gig in september 29th at Mitt Andra Hem check them out!!

Right click HERE to download a movie clip (95MB) from the gig at Sannahed. It starts with 'Panic Attack' followed by the 'Thin Lizzy' cover 'Massacre'

On  Saturday we start playing at 16:15 to when the game starts, hope to see you there.

On Saturday June 17th we will appear and play at the 'Speedway World U21Championship' semifinal in
Sannahed Speedway stadium in Kumla. The match starts at 17:00 and we'll try to get you some more info.

Next gig Najz Prajz june 1th

More shows coming up
look in the show section for more info.

On May 13th we have a gig at 'Mitt andra hem' in Örebro.
Our new demo is currently being mixed by Micke at 'Ahlund Production' (www.ahnlund.net),
you'll be able to download them as soon as they are ready.

Site updated. And we are going in the studio to record a few more songs
In the end of this month.

Photo section updated. Don´t forget the gig coming up at "Kåren, University Örebro" friday 16 december 21:00

Tuesday 29 November you can hear us on local radio "P4 102.8 Örebro" at 17:00

Gig coming up at "klubb Idiot" Friday 2 December.

Gig Friday 16 December at "Kåren" (Örebro). 21:00

More live pics added in the photo sections.

Gig on this Saturday 05/10/15 ín "Nillas" (Örebro).

The page is still under construction, some features may or may not work properly.

Check out our forum on http://grandfrontiers.forumer.com or you can find a Link in the guestbook.

You can listen to all songs from our demo "The Show" in the music section.

Grand Frontiers website is launched.

Old News
Created in 2003 by Andreas and Linus the band was ready to rock in the early 2004. The band plays an energetic Rock 'n' Roll influensed by the late 70's and the early 80's.

From playing Ozzy and Thin Lizzy covers, Frontiers now has a grand collection of their own material. If you are ready to rock make sure not to miss the next Grand Frontiers show.
Line Up:

Andreas Eriksson: Lead Guitar
Linus Mårtensson: Lead Guitar
Jimmy Thell: Bass Guitar
Isak Ahlman: Drums
Peter Saverman: Vocals
CONTACT: P.O.Box 13025, SE-700 13 Örebro, Sweden. PHONE: +46-(0)70-640 87 56 E-Mail: contact@grandfrontiers.com
Photos by
Robert Johansson

Mitt Andra Hem 09/29

Fältfesten 2006 Örebro 08/25

Sannaheds Speedway Stadium 06/17

Najz Prajz 06/1 (Örebro)

Satin 05/20 (Örebro)

Mitt Andra hem 05/13


Klubb Idiot. may 11th

Mitt Andra Hem. (only unplugged) apr 28th

Sveriges Radio P4 Örebro ?

Oldschool, (Fjugesta)  feb 17th

Mitt Andra Hem. feb 3th

Satin. jan 19th